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For Sale: SWAN Mark I Linear Amp $500

Swan Mark I with larger HV 2950VDC vs 2500VDC @800MA and separate filament transformer, comes with 3-400Z pair, wired to run either 3-400 or 3-500Z/ZG pair. New band switch, doorknobs, new PS/CAP board, new input caps, W7RY step start, 12V key interface, front panel standby operate switch, wired for 240 VAC. Nice Amp. Email me for foe more in and FB for pictures.

Contact: John Birdlebough - K7BIT;   Phone: 509-439-2778
Location: Mabton WA
Posted: 03/04/2018
For Sale: (and free) 

I know there is some resurgence of interest in 220 in the Club.

As part of an estate I am helping out with, I have three IC-3AT's .
These are a handheld 220 FM transceiver. These are not IC-03AT's.

These need some love. None has a working battery. One
has a DC-adapter but that doesn't make it very portable.

Batteries are available on the internet (I recommend a BP-8 if
you have a Icom desk charger) or you can buy one of the
battery holders that take 10AA batteries. (Since I rarely use
my personal handhelds, that's what I use so I don't have
to worry about maintaining a charge on my handhelds).

IC-3AT's do not have tone capability. One of these does have
a tone board I installed and it will get on the K7LED repeater.
You can change the tone for other repeaters by a dip switch.
Tone boards are available on the internet and are not too difficult to
Just kinda scary and you have to make a hole in the case.

BP-8 battery:
CM-12 10AA battery case:
tone boards:
(note ss-64 tone board is no longer available but you may be able to
substitute the TS-64)

So, what am I offering these for?

Well, the ones without tones are free to someone who wants to try and
get them operational.
They work fine on simplex and with repeaters that don't require a tone.
I expect you could
get the TS-64 tone board to work, I just don't know how it'll fit in the
case. You have to buy batteries.

The one with the tone board is $50 (and you'll still need a battery)


Contact: Michael Dinkelman - call;   Phone: (253) 631-3756 (eves)
Location: Seattle Metro
Posted: 02/24/2018

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For Trade: 


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Wanted: unbuilt radio kits

Looking for any kind of un-built radio related kits: transceiver, transmitter, receiver, antenna tuner, etc..

Contact: Michael Baseman - KF7DLZ; Phone: 425-518-2341  
Location: Kirkland, WA
Posted: 11/16/2015

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