Mike and Key
Amateur Radio Club

Mike and Key ARC Officers and Trustees

Elected officers serve for one year.  Elected trustees serve for two years.  Trustees #1, #3, & #5 are elected on odd numbered years and trustees #2 & #4 are elected on even numbered years.  The elections are held at the March general membership meeting.  The office is held from April through March.

Chairman of the Board:Tim Kane - K7ANE
President:Dave Smith - KB7PSN
Vice President:David Yarbrough - WA7DY
Secretary:Michelle Cross - WB7AYU
Treasurer:Jim Kiniry - KE7JIM
Activities Manager:Phil Pia - K7PIA
Radio Officer:Hal Goodell - N7NW
Standing CommitteesLiaison Trustee
Facilities & Publicity:Steve Cook - KD7IQL (Trustee #1)
Membership:Ivy Nelson-Groves - WA7IVY (Trustee #2)
Public Service:Tim Kane - K7ANE (Trustee #3)
Technical & Special Interest:Jim Monson - K7JGM (Trustee #4)
Education & Training:Robin Carter - WA7BRI (Trustee #5)
Other PositionsLeaders
VE Testing: Scott Robinson - AG7T
Club Library: 'Toku' Okumura - AD7JA
Membership CommitteeMembership Committee
Field Day Chair:Ivy Nelson-Groves - WA7IVY
Logo/Badges:Jim Aigner - N7MU
"K7LED Relay" Editor: Mike Dinkelman - N7WA
Webmaster (Committee): Dave Smith - KB7PSN +
Dan Aalberg - KG7DAB +
Koda Mondragon - KI7IXR
Country Store Chair:Dan Aalberg - KG7DAB

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