Mike and Key
Amateur Radio Club

Annual Mike and Key Summer Picnic
August 18, 2018

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park
Renton, WA

Map - Gene Coulon Memorial Park
Map - Gene Coulon Park
Picture - South Shelter #2
Gene Coulon Park, South Shelter #2

The Mike and Key Annual Picnic will be held on August 18th from 8:30am to 1:30pm (PDT). The picnic, hosted by Hal Goodell, (N7NW) will be at the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, along Lake Washington just North of the Renton Boeing plant. We will be at "South Shelter #2" (one on the left, closest to the swimming beach).

Please contact Hal Goodell, N7NW, by email at n7nw.hal@comcast.net or Phone 253-549-4178 if you are planning on attending.  Please let me know what you are planning on bringing as a side dish or desert.

The plan will be to arrive early around 8:30 for setup and the normal pre-meeting ragchew.  The usual coffee and donuts will be available.  The meeting will be held from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM. Followed by more ragchew.

The BBQ will start at 11:30 AM so that we can be done by 1:00 PM allowing us 30 minutes to clean up.

The Club provides the hamburger, hot dogs and pop. You get to bring potluck.  Sign-up sheets for potluck items will be available at the July General club meetings.  Prepare to have fun in the sun along Lake Washington!

One word of caution, all park rules must be observed.  Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park consists of 57 acres of land and water at the southeast corner of Lake Washington.  The park offers a unique opportunity for water-related recreational enjoyment.  That having been said,  Park Rules Forbid: Animals, alcohol, rollerblades, skateboard, and bike touring.  Bikes must yield to pedestrians and stay on the roadway. 

Click Here for Google map locations.

The park has boat launches, picnic shelters, playground equipment, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, fishing pier, swimming area, 1.5 miles of paved walking trails along the shoreline, and is ADA accessible.


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