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Learning Morse Code

The mike and Key ARC held a class to introduce interested members to computer based learning tools for CW (Morse Code).  This page summarizes the presentation and provides links to the material discussed.

There was a brief discussion about study methods noting that there are many different approaches described on different web sites.  The instructors recommended a short daily study period of no more than 10 to 15 minutes as being more effective than fewer, longer study periods.

There are also multiple programs available for computer aided code learning.  The computer program recommended for beginning learning CW is a morse tutor program that can be downloaded.  It is simple to download and operate.  It has a graphical interface to show your learning progress.

Other sites to find additional information on Learning Morse Code:

For those members desiring to enhance their CW speed, it was recommended to try morse runner.  It will simulate contesting conditions.  It has settings for the copy speed, QRN, QRM, QSB, activity level (1 to a pileup), and other parameters.

Code Practice:


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