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The Mike & Key Club welcomes applications for membership from all those who are interested in amateur radio.

Applications may be :

Printed copies of the PDF form are also available at club meetings.

In accordance with the Club's By-laws (Bylaws), all applications will be reviewed by the Executive Board of the Club, and if approved by the board, voted upon by the membership at the next general club meeting where the applicant is present.

Applicants must attend a meeting within 120 days of submitting an application in order to be voted into membership, else this application will be voided. If voted in, the new member should pay the first year dues ($12 for individual members) at that same meeting. Members should plan on attending meetings regularly.

For a family membership, please fill out a separate form (online or print) for each family member. Family dues are $18 per year and include a spouse and any number of dependants living with the primary member.


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