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In Memory of
Victor ZumBrunnen, WB7TBR

My first meeting with Vic was when I started attending the retired hams coffee klatch three mornings a week at Galliano’s Cacina in Seatac. Other regular club attendees were Nils Hallstrom, W7RUJ (SK), Jo Hallstrom, KB7UFM (SK), Frank Krieger, KA7QHG (SK), Carl Butler, W7PRW (SK), Dick Vance, K7NEX, Jeannie Svennungsen, N7JJJ, Bill Harris, W7KXB, and numerous other hams.

As I got to know Vic I was impressed by his varied background, other hobbies, his wit and humor, and overall pleasant nature. His love of his family was paramount in his mind.  He was true to his friends and the greater community.  In the truest definition of the word, Vic was a true gentleman.

Victor S. ZumBrunnen was born April 9, 1920 in Newcastle, Wyoming.  As a young man he moved to Seattle to begin a 41 year career with The Boeing Company as an aeronautical engineer.  His hobbies included photography, camping, amateur radio, and he was a skilled woodworker.  He also served as a Boy Scout Master in his younger years.

Vic was a twenty three year member of the Mike & Key ARC and received the Pop Brown award in 1988.  He was net control for several years on the Alaska Pacific Net.

Victor moved to Mesa, Arizona during his last years of retirement.  In his true manner Vic became a member of the Mesa Sunlife ARC and served two years as their president.  Vic would come up for the summer with a short stop at his friend Barbara’s guest ranch near Kimberly, OR.  We were anticipating his arrival this summer when he had medical problems at the ranch.

Victor S. ZumBrunnen, WB7TBR , became a silent key June 18, 2008.


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