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--- SILENT KEY ---

In Memory of
Ward Weiland, W7GEY

Ward Weiland was an Elmer to many, and a good friend to all.  He helped many people get their licenses, tutoring both with the code and the basics.  I know that, for myself, he spent much time carefully explaining how things worked: electronically, atmospherically, and theoretically.  He never pushed the test answers on me, instead choosing to help me really understand everything that was fantastic about ham radio.

He became my best friend, who encouraged me to join Mike and Key and attend ham radio meetings and events all over the area.  You'd usually find me sandwiched between him and Mel "Gib" Gibson, W7JIE.  Ward accompanied me to all the Mike and Key meetings, dinners, and events, and we worked together every year at the flea market.  Please don't forget this wonderful man!  In his quiet way, he was the best advocate of ham radio in general, and Mike and Key Amateur Radio Club in particular.

Claire Talltree, KB7GEW

Ward Weiland, became a silent key January 15, 2000.




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