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--- SILENT KEY ---

In Memory of
Frank Krieger, KA7QHG

Frank, KA7QHG, became a silent key May 17, 2005.

He was a long time member of the Mike & Key Club.  Frank was recognized for his service in 1992 with the "Pop" Brown Award and again in 1999 with the Ken Jackson award for his contributions to the club and the ham comuunity.

The club and hamdom have lost a great friend and mentor.!


Tribute by KC7YYB.

Dear Fellow Mike and Keyers,
Today is a sad day indeed, because we have lost another faithful friend and unsung hero of our club.

There were many people in our club that benefitted from this silent servant.

Early in the mornings of our meetings, he'd trek to the local doughnut provider and bring them back for all to enjoy.  He'd even pick out selections for those who expressed a liking for a special kind. Then he'd get that all important companion of early risers - coffee going in the big urn.  He even started to provide Decaf for those of us who had kicked the caffine habit.

He generally always refused help getting things cleaned up and put away, until in just the last couple of years, when he finally admitted to "getting tired" and relinquished the task to others.

For years he was the stalwart fleamarket honcho of the pallet crew.  He and Nils ran a tight ship and received many vendor compliments.  They made a good team of workers making sure there were plenty of pallets, and they even came up with color coding for upper and lower levels.

These guys were friends, neighbors, and fellow club members who did much to further the cause of ham radio.

Frank Krieger will be missed!  He was a quiet and gentle man who did many things unnoticed, such as being a liason with the Salvation Army.

He lost his wife to illness about 8 yrs ago, and it just seemed to take some of the steam out of Frank, although he still tried to keep up some semblance of normal life by going to coffee on Mon, Wed, and Fri at what used to be Sophia's and is now Galliano's.  He was pretty regular with his attendance, but he didn't always stay very long.  He'd often leave quietly, with some not even noticing that he'd left, to say "Good-bye".

We often take for granted our friends and companions and let them walk in and out of our lives without really taking the time to acknowlege them. Let this be a wake up call for all of us to make sure the important people in our lives, KNOW that they ARE important to us, and if they'd leave, we'd MISS them!




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