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--- SILENT KEY ---

In Memory of
Millard L. "Gib" Gibson, W7JIE

Image of Gib Gibson

"Gib" was a life member of the Mike & Key Club and a club president in 1978.

Gib has been a stabalizing force in Amateur Radio in the Pacific NW for many years. Gib was a Life Member of the Mike and Key ARC, and the ARRL, and a member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association. He was extremely active in NW Public Service events.

In 1980, Gib was named Director of the IARU Region 2 Intruder Watch program. He served as ARRL Northwestern Division Vice Director in 1983 and 1984.

On the air, Gib had been an active CW QRP operator, and served as an Official Observer of Amateur Radio Frequencies.

He was an exemplary 'Elmer' to many NW hams now active and on the air.

The, now annual, Public Service Ham Radio Pamphlet was originally designed by Gib, W7JIE, and Wayne, W6DOW, in the 1980's. The 2001 Public Service Ham Radio Pamphlet was dedicated to "Gib".

Gib, you will be missed by a great number of people who regarded you as friend, mentor and Elmer!

Gib, W7JIE, became a silent key December 1, 2000.




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