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--- SILENT KEY ---

In Memory of
Carl Edward Butler, W7PRW.

Carl received his amateur radio license in 1951 and has been an active supporter of the hobby ever since. He was a member of several local and national radio clubs including The Quarter Century Wireless group, Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), Mike and Key Club, Columbia Basin Net, Northwest Amateur Radio Club, Washington HAM SAM's and Superstition Radio Club (Mesa, AZ). Carl was formally honored as a life member of the Mike & Key Club and a recipient of the Pop Brown Award in 1999.

Carl is remembered for quiet way he mentored and showed the way. He traveled well equipped and seemed to always have the necessary repair parts at field day or other events. Carl played an important part in the success of the Mike and Key Club and the Annual Flea Market, both organizing and supplying hard labor.

Carl was one of the finest examples of a quality human being this club has ever experienced. At the Annual Awards Banquet we, the club, got to tell a man that was always been there for this club "Thank you, Carl, for doing a great job".

Carl quietly was an example, supportive and caring, offering his wisdom and guidance to so many during his membership with this club. We can think of no one person who was more deserving than Carl to receive the Pop Brown Award, and although feeling it was long overdue in coming, we were glad to be able to see Carl receive it. You will always be our "Radar", always there with the right wrench at the right time, before we even know we needed it. You showed us the proper way to Mentor, "Don't lecture the student with words, but be an example with your actions."

You are proof that one doesn't have to be the loudest instrument in the band to be heard, and that there is great honor in being a Triangle in the parade of life. The triangle is the only instrument that never has to be re-tuned once it is created. It has been used as a symbol of balance by civilized man since time began.

You will be missed by a great number of people!

Carl, W7PRW, became a silent key June 2, 1999.




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