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Last updated 10/02/2005.
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Membership Application
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Interest in Amateur Radio is the only qualification needed for membership. An Amateur Radio license in not a prerequisite.

The Mike and Key Amateur Radio Club membership application (109KB) has two pages.  Print the first page of the form and fill in the blanks.  Read the second page and sign the bottom of the form.  Bring the form to a membership meeting along with the ($12) annual dues.  Those applying for a family membership should fill out a copy of the form for each family member.

At the next board meeting, after receiving the application form from the applicant, the board will consider the application.  If approved by the board, the applicant will be voted, by the membership, at the next general membership meeting attended by the applicant.

  • The application is open for ninty (90) days, and then the applicant must reapply, if unable to attend a meeting to be voted by the membership.
  • Application forms are also available at the general membership meeting.

The membership application is stored in Adobe® Acrobat Reader PDF format.  You may download a free copy of the viewer from ADOBE.  Click here Acrobat Reader Icon, select "Download", and follow the instructions.

For more information or comments, corrections, or additions to this site,
Please email us at: info@mikeandkey.org or
Jim Etzwiler - KD7BAT.
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