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Last updated 06/12/2015.
2015 FIELD DAY, June 27-28
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Note 1: Club members will be permitted to use the "Wagon Wheel" at the park from Monday afternoon, June 22rd at 2:30pm, till noon on Monday, June 29th.  We start activities on Friday, June 25th with Setup, which begins promptly at 11am.

Note 2: If attending field day, there are pet rules at Ft Flagler.

Field Day is an emergency simulation.  We hams see how quickly and efficiently we can get on the air as a team with as many modes as possible.  Preparations include a shelter- whether a tent, van, or bales of hay and a tarp.  We also gather enough equipment, food and coffee to stay on the air for 24 or more hours.  This is the ultimate simulation of emergency operations: communicating to the rest of the world what assistance and supplies are needed if any.

Field Day has also become a game, as well.  The Field Day rules (2015) are set up by ARRL.  Other information is at this web page.  Points are earned for contacts completed and properly logged.  Radio clubs in the Americas compete.

For the non-Ham friend or family member, it's a chance to get away and have time for a favorite book or craft while the Ham is happily sending out CQ's (a radio term meaning "calling anyone/anywhere") over the air.  All of this effort goes into contacting other hams to get extra points for talking to a rare DX (distant country) or a mobile rig.

Each local club celebrates Field Day in its own way.  "Check with your nearest Amateur Radio Club and find out what activities they're planning for Field Day."  Find a field day event near you using the ARRL field day locator. Even if you do not actively participate, you can stop by and give them point credits for visitors.

We are very proud of the participation we have from club members at Field Day each year.  Because of their hard work and love for Amateur Radio, we placed #11 in the USA and #1 in the Pacific Northwest in 2012 and again #11 in the USA and #1 in the Pacific Northwest in 2013.


FIELD DAY June 27-28, 2015

The Mike and Key ARC is proud to have participated in the ARRL Field Day Event for many years.  The archived newsletters show participation in 1974 on Cougar Mountain.  In 1975 the Mike and Key Field Day changed location to Marrostone Island at Fort Flagler near Port Townsend and has returned every year since.  A unique site, holding our Field Days at Fort Flagler allows it to be a social as well as radio event that the whole family can participate in.  2015 ARRL Field Day Event set up will begin mid day Friday, June 25th and radio contacts will be made June 27tht & 28th.

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The Mike and Key ARC scored the #1 position in the United States in our category in 1999.  All who participated in 2002 had a great time and scored #2 position in the United States.  There will be a fun time this year trying to regain that top spot.

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