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--- Mike and Key Award Members ---

"Pop" Brown Award
This award is presented to the Member who has contributed the most in SUPPORT of the club, Amateur Radio, Public Service, etc.
Year Honoree Call Sign
1971Ken Jackson K7PZX
Pete Policani K7PP
1972Steve Tillett K7KOT
Bill Baker K7LHY
1973Al Free WA7LWP
Pete Hedberg K7WTG
1974Chuck Grazier WA7RJT
1975Ken Rau K7YR
1976Kathy Freinwald WA7WMD
1977Jan Hedberg WA7HWX
1978Chuck Stroeher WA7EBH
1979Jim Strang W7GPW
1980Ray E. Leslie WA7EKH
Clay Freinwald K7CR
1981Al Jensen WA7TIB
1982Hal Goodell N7NW
1983Mike Cross WB7AYU
1984Deborah de Jong N7AVO
1985Jim Christiansen K7ND
1986Jimmy Sutton WM7A
1987Michael Dinkelman WA7UVJ
1988Rick Beatty NU7Z
Vic ZumBrunnen WA7TBR
1989Joyce Stroeher N7JPW
1990Jack Burrell KB7ZS
1991Wayne Moddison K6DOW
1992Frank Krieger KA7QHG
1993Diane Dinkelman KB7DNE
1994E. Ralph Schumacher WX7T
1995Nils Hallstrom WB7TJK
1996Michael Hansen KG7MX
1997Mary Lewis W7QGP
Harry Lewis W7JWJ
1998Carl Butler W7PRW
1999Chuck Benefiel N7STR
2000Carolyn Pasquier WV7Q
2001Wayne Heath KC7ORB
2002Sam Sullivan N7RHE
2003Jo Hallstrom KB7UFM
Alan Hughes KB7SVU
2004Brendan Burget KD7IKV
2005Steve Cook KD7IQL
2006Scott Robinson AG7T
2007Jack Grimmett N7IHS
2008Paul Roth N7DOH
2010Dick Radford WA7NIW
2011Gary Bryan KG7KU
2012Jim Etzwiler KD7BAT
2013"Toku" Okumura AD7JA
2014George Thornton AE7G
2015Ivy Nelson-Groves WA7IVY

Ken Jackson (K7PZX) Award
This award is presented to the Member who has contributed the most in SUPPORT of working with those who wish to become hams.  Primarily, by educating, training in the field, being a VE for testing, and Elmering groups or individuals on a one on one basis.  No written description has been printed re: the Ken Jackson Award, but it is the criterion the awards committee was given in 1998. - Nils A. Hallstrom - W7RUJ - 2000
Year Honoree Call Sign
1998Frank Krieger KA7QHG
1999Harry Lewis W7JWJ
2000Charles Stroeher WA7EBH
2001Michael Dinkelman N7WA
2002Frank Henshaw K7VMG
2003Scott Robinson AG7T
2010Daniel Stevens KL7WM
2013Tim Kane K7ANE
2014Howard Schultz W7HS

Jo Hallstrom Friendship Award
This award recognizes the member who is a promoter of the friendship of our club.  It was created to honor our beloved Jo Hallstrom, KB7UFM.  Jo also exhibited these traits as a ham as well as in the community and her church.
Year Honoree Call Sign
2003Jo HallstromKB7UFM
2008Dawn HumphreyKC7YYB
2013Rita DanielsonKD7CNU

Mike and Key Past Presidents
Year Past President Call Sign
1971John Miller K7TTQ
1972-73Pete Hedberg K7WTG
1974Ken Rau K7YR
1975Pete Policani K7PP
1976Clay Freinwald K7CR
1977Dave Grant WA7TOM
1978Gib Gibson W7JIE
1979Steve Tillett K7KOT
1980Al Jensen WA7TIB
1981Hal Goodell N7NW
1982Harry Lewis W7JWJ
1983Deborah de JongN7AVO
1984-85Chuck Stroeher WA7EBH
1986Jimmy Sutton WM7A
1987-88Rick Beatty NU7Z
1989Jack Burrell KB7ZS
1990-91Michael Dinkelman WA7UVJ
1992-93Chuck Stroeher WA7EBH
1994Nils Hallstrom WB7TJK
1995-96Carolyn Pasquier WV7Q
1997-98Chuck BenefielN7STR
1999-00Alan Hughes KB7SVU
2001-02Jack Grimmett N7IHS
2003Brendan Burget KD7IKV
2004Mike DinkelmanN7WA
2005-2006Sam SullivanN7RHE
2007Mike EakinsK7OV
2008-2009Dick RadfordWA7NIW
2010-2011Ivy Nelson-GrovesWA7IVY
2012-2013Robet GrinellKD7WNV
2014Ivy Nelson-GrovesWA7IVY
2015Gary BryanKG7KU

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